(L) = Lactose free  
(L*) = Can be ordered lactose free

(G) = Gluten free  
(G*) = Can be ordered gluten free

(V) = Vegan
(V*) = Can be ordered vegan


Toast Skagen  159 sek
Cape East’s homemade skagen mixture is served on butter-fried toast with pickled red onion, lemon and roe. (L) (G*)

Beetroot carpaccio  139 sek
Thin slices of pickled beetroot with goat cheese mousse, beetroot hummus, arugula and deep-fried capers. (G) (V*)

Scallop 169 sek 
Fried scallops served with cauliflower purée and cauliflower couscous, in addition emulsion with chives and crispy bacon. (L) (G*)

Reindeer tataki 169 sek 
Lightly fried reindeer fillet, served with arugula, coriander, spring onion, in addition horseradish mayonnaise and lemon curd. (L) (G)

Main courses

Burger  240 sek
Burger (150g) with Pepper Jack cheese, caramelized bacon, tomato, fried onion, arugula and horseradish mayonnaise. Served with homemade fries. (L*) (G*)

Reindeer  345 SEK
Slowly cooked reindeer shank and reindeer black pudding, served with root vegetables glazed with honey, truffle flavored potato purée and red wine sauce. (L)

Beef fillet  345 SEK
Grilled Finnish beef fillet, served with Västerbotten cheese potato cake, vegetables, caramelized onion purée and red wine sauce. In addition, cold béarnaise sauce.  (L) (G)

Pumpkin risotto  195 SEK
Vegan pumpkin risotto with coconut cream, in addition roasted pumpkin and Brussels sprouts. (L) (G) (V)

Fish of the day  295 SEK
Served with Herb flavored potato purée, grilled fennel and pak choi and soy butter sauce. Our staff will be happy to tell you more about the fish of the day. (L) (G*)


Raspberry and chocolate 149 SEK 
Milk chocolate crème brûlée, homemade raspberry ice cream and fresh raspberries (G)

Cheese cake 149 SEK
Japanese-style cheese cake served with homemade green tea ice cream, citrus jelly and soy-flavored caramel sauce. (L*) (G*)

Fruit 149 SEK
Almond cake served with marinated fruit salad, mango-passion sorbet and white chocolate mousse (L)

Plum  149 SEK
Plum Tarté Tatin is served with Cape East’s rum and raisin ice cream and rum syrup. (L)

Reindeer  345 SEK
Reindeer fillet rolled with air-dried ham and sage is served with Swedish barley, fried mushrooms and red wine sauce. (L)

Whitefish  159 sek 
Cured Whitefish from Torne älv served with yoghurt sauce, pickled kohlrabi and whitefish roe. (L) (G)

Children's menu

Kids portions can be made from all dishes above -50%  (for children under 12 years)

Pancakes with jam and cream  79 sek

Fish of the day and potato pure  89 sek  (L) (G)

Hamburger  89 sek
Served with cheddar cheese, salad, ketchup and french fries (L*) (G*)