Winter activities

Winter 2021-2022

SEA LAPLAND SAFARIS is a local safari company in Sea Lapland. Their company was established in December 2016, and their home town is Kemi. They operate in the whole Sea Lapland region all-year-round, and their staff are trained to work in the most demanding conditions on the wintry variable ice field of Bothnian Bay with customer-oriented experiences

Short and easy Snowmobile safari

This snowmobile safari gives you the feeling of the speedy ride by snowmobiles. Safari will take you to the shimmering, frozen sea. A nice and easy way to get to know how it is to drive a snowmobile and get around on it.

Night safari by snowmobiles

You will experience the arctic night by driving through the snow-covered forest and on the frozen sea. With a little luck, there might be a bright sky – the moon and the stars, maybe even the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights – showing the way. Sip warm beverages by the campfire and learn more about the Northern Lights and Lapland.

Getting to know the reindeer

The reindeer and the reindeer herder wishes you warmly welcome to the reindeer farm! You will get a proper introduction to the world of these Arctic calm animals. You will learn how they are prepared for the drive and you yourself will also be prepared to enjoy the drive through the trail sitting in a sledge. Reindeers will walk slowly in the forest for 400m route back where you started and you will get driving license from driving the reindeer. After the ride you can try how the suopunki, a Lappish lasso, works in catching the reindeer. You can also treat your reindeer with their favourite snack and take a photo with them as a memory. In the cosy kota you will get to hear stories about the life with the reindeer and enjoy a hot drink with a sweet bun.

Searching for the Aurora Borealis

It is time to search for the magical Northern Lights. By car you will be taken to a location away from city lights which provides a magnificent view of the dark sky. After a short walk a campfire will be made, and grilled sausages and hot juice enjoyed there. Sitting by the fire the guide will tell you about the facts and myths associated with the Northern Lights. And, if we are lucky, we will see them shimmering on the dark blue sky along with the beautiful starry sky.

Please note that Aurora Borealis are a natural phenomenon and therefore a sighting cannot be guaranteed.

Nature tour on snowshoes

Have you ever tried walking in the snow? Snowshoes are a nature-friendly way to move around in the beautiful winter forest without any trails required. Feel the healing power of the forest around you. Your guide will tell you about Finnish forests and the wild animals. During the safari some snacks will be enjoyed by open fire.

Ice-fishing trip to the Bay of Bothnia

Have you ever dreamed about catching real fish? Try your luck and walk with your guide on the nearby ice of Gulf of Bothnia. Drill a whole into the ice and be patient. Will the fish catch the bait? This is one of the most popular hobbies for Finnish people. Enjoy some hot beverages while fishing.

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Vi skänker 100 kr per rum till de drabbade av kriget i Ukraina

För alla som nu bokar och bor på Cape East under april månad så efterskänker vi 100 kr per rum till Rädda Barnens viktiga arbete.

Krisen i Ukraina blir allt värre och det är den snabbast växande flyktingkrisen i Europa sedan andra världskriget. Just nu är det över 4,3 miljoner människor på flykt från kriget och vi ser det som en självklarhet att hjälpa till där vi kan i rådande läge. Rädda Barnen jobbar med att hjälpa människor både på plats i Ukraina och för att ge ett tryggt mottagande i de länder dit barn och familjer tvingas fly.