Let yourself be carried away by the fresh air and the scenic setting of midnight sun, the northern lights and the energizing view of Torne River flowing by.

Midnight Ice

Cape Easts heart is our award-winning SPA which has a wide range of experiences for maximum harmony and refreshment. In Midnight Ice, our spa amenity with the world´s largest sauna you will encounter ancient traditions in a modern form. The sauna, similar in design to a Mayan temple, has ten bench rows at different levels with capacity for up to 150 persons. At top level the temperature is 100 degrees celcius, and at the bottom level we have ice-bath, hot-water pools and a waterfall shower with icy water.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday- Friday: 14.00 – 22.00
Saturday & Sunday: 08.00 – 22.00

Children 7-14 years old are allowed into our SPA in company with a responsible adult:
Tuesday- Friday: 14.00 – 17.00
Saturday & Sunday: 8-14

Children 15-17 years of age are allowed at all times in company with a responsible adult.

Children 0-7 years old are not allowed in the SPA

Winter holiday
Week 9 & 10 (24/2-6/3)

All days: 11.00-22.00 (only prebooked reservations)
Children 7-14 years of age allowed in our SPA – All days 11.00-20.00 accompanied by an adult.

Entrance to SPA including sparitual with products, bathrobe and slippers

SEK 595 / person

Entrance to SPA for children age 7-17. Does not include sparitual, bathrobe or slippers

SEK 395 / child
Worlds largest sauna


Discover our many accommodation options to combine with a relaxing visit in our Midnight Ice SPA

Ground level

The sauna area is the heart of the entire spa amenity. The temperature here is a constant 40 degrees. To experience “Tornio Valley torture” climb to the uppermost bench where the temperature reaches 100 degrees celcius. If you want to really cool down, we recommend a dip in the ice-bath on the lowest level or a waterfall shower, where 100 litres of icy water crash down over your body. The Stone Sauna provides a calmer experience, with pleasant heat and humidity. In the fragrant relaxation shower you choose the temperature, fragrance and lighting. From the sauna area you can also step down and swim out in the large heated outdoor pool.


The second sauna level features the Steam Sauna, where the humidity is almost 100% and the scent of ethereal oils. In the Finnish Sauna with its wooden benches you can experience the Finnish tradition of whipping yourself (or someone else) with a bunch of soft birch twigs, as well as the German ritual with steam and scents. You can cool down on the adjacent terrace with a view of the Torne River.

Upper level

The skydeck features Sumerian baths. In the winter you can watch the Northern Lights and in summer the sun shines day and night. The roof terrace has relaxation amenities and a heated pool.


We will lend you a bathrobe, towel and slippers. Please bring your own bathing suit, or if you forget one, you can buy one at the spa. Also for the gym, please bring your own training outfit and shoes. For the hotel guests with a spa package and treatments, there will be bathrobes, towels and slippers in the room. You can change in your room and walk to the spa in your bathingsuit and robe.

In our Midnight Ice Spa, please keep your swimming suit on at all times. Midnight Ice age limit is 18. At special times and with permission, children under 18 can be allowed to the spa.

Our SPA menu

Escape and treat yourself to our wide range of SPA treatments


Our philosophy is to offer experiences and treatments worth remembering. We want to be able to give and convey an inner and outer well-being so that you as a guest can bring the feeling home. All treatments are adapted for both women and men.

Booking terms – Treatments can be cancelled or rebooked 2 days before arrival at the latest. For late cancellations you will be charged the full price of the treatment.

  • Cape East – Seasonal | 45min – 830 SEK
    This treatment changes based on season and skin-type. This is a deep-cleansing treatment which means it helps with the removal of waste products and improves your cells vitality. In this treatment we use mandelic acid and a fresh gelmask that renews and softens your skin.
  • Refreshing Rain – Moisturizing | 60min – 1290 SEK
    Moisturizing treatment that leaves your skin with the optimal amount of moisture – creating the perfect conditions for your skin to thrive. This treatment provides nurishment and moisture, leaving you with a healthy and soft skin while also alleviating tensions. After you’ve completed the treatment your skin will be rested, light and moist. Refreshing Rain is perfect before important celebrations and parties as it makes applying make-up evenly, much easier.
  • Pampering Breeze – For sensitive or irritated skin | 60 min – 990 SEK
    When it’s windy and cold your skin requires you to treat it carefully. This treatment is strenghtening, moisturising and calming. It helps reduce redness and prepares your skin for new challenges.
  • Metallic Leaves – Anti age | 60min – From 1050 SEK
    Contains parts of energizing elements such as silver, gold and platinum. Choose between three types of strengths, depending on your skin type.
    1. Renewing skin (1050 sek)
    2. Firm skin (1380 sek)
    3. Refreshing skin (1590 sek)
  • Thunder Storm – Anti age/wrinkles | 80min – 1750 SEK
    Take a moment and leave all the stress outside. This efficient treatment is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It’s very effective against facial lines which the active lifestyle often creates. This treatment is suitable for anyone with noticable age signs. Thunder Storm serves you with an imense amount of relaxation and smoothens your skin with the help of 3D-relaxin action.  
  • Harmonious body – Detox | 70min – 1190 SEK
    Efficient cleansing bodytreatment, that improves your tissues function by resetting your metabolism and eliminating waste products in your tissue. Perfect for those with heavy legs after a long flight or for pregnant women.
  • Harmonious body – Total Focus | 90min – 1430 SEK
    Efficient body treatment that gives you firm skin and reducing cellulites as well as fat deposits.
  • Face and body – Combo | 120min – 1990 SEK
    Effective combination treatment that takes care of both face and body. Diego Dalla Palma -professional skin therapist, chooses the treatment and effective conditioners that are right for your skin. Facial treatment is based on the needs of the skin, combined with body scrubs, active ingredients and wraps. Intensive care and results for both face and problem areas.
    Enjoy a sense of well-being in the middle of everyday life as well as at a party!
  • Lapland – Hands & feet | 90min – 1490 SEK
    Get your hands and feet in shape all at once. Hand care restores the softness and smoothness of the hands and the foot care restores tired feet to soften and remove excess hardening. Relax in the middle of everyday life and give your feet and hands a moment of rest.

  • Foot treatment – Gel polish for toenails | 105min – 1200 SEK


  • Hand treatment – Gel polish for fingernails | 90min – 990 SEK


  • Gel polish – For finger- or toenails | 60min – 700 SEK
  • Eyebrows – Shaping and coloring | 30min – 300 SEK
  • Shaping and coloring of eyebrows & coloring of eyelashes | 45min – 450 SEK
  • Eyelash lift and coloring – Permanent curve of eyelashes + coloring | 60min – 890 SEK
  • Day make-up  | 35min – 420 SEK

  • Party make-up  | 50min – 550 SEK

  •  Suitable for small areas, for example upper lip  | 20min – 250 SEK


  • Suitable for small to medium size areas, eg. face | 25min – 350 SEK


  •  Suitable for example bikini-line or armpits | 30min – 400 SEK


  • Suitable for larger areas, for example leg or back | 45min – 500 SEK


  • Suitable for combined large areas, for example leg or thighs | 60min – 700 SEK
  • Sauna – Hot Stone Massage  | 50/75 min – 790/1050 SEK
  • Midnight Sun – Body Massage | 50/90 min – 790/1290 SEK

    A complete body massage from head to toe. For maximum relaxation and stress-relief.

  • Shamans Touch – Head massage | 35 min – 650 SEK
  • Sportsmassage Classic –  | 50/75 min – 750/1050 SEK

Renew yourself

We acknowledge how todays fast-paced society affects people all over the world. That is why Cape East is the get-away you’ve been looking for. Our SPA offers a relaxing atmosphere with all kinds of services enabling you to completely let go of everything outside for a couple of hours.