Information for those with some form of disability


Our restaurant is easily accessible. The entrance has a ramp for access by wheelchair and inside you will find 2 toilets customised for disabled persons. The upper level, where you’ll find conference-room Salmis, can be accessed by elevator.


The hotel has one custom-designed room for disabled persons. Most of the hotel corridors and pathways are easily accessible.
Most of our rooms are accessible by elevator.


The mansion is located next to the restaurant. The entrance has a ramp for easy access by wheelchair. However this building does not feature an elevator. The bottom level with its two meeting/conference rooms, are accessible.


We have parkingspots specifically for persons with disabilities. All parking is free at Cape East and most pathways between the buildings consist of concrete.


The ground level of the SPA is accessible by wheelchair. Here you will find 2 pools, icebaths, a waterfall shower, themeshowers, footbaths and relaxation rooms. The finish sauna, steam sauna, rooftop terrace and hot spring pool are unfortunately not accessible by wheelchair.


If there is anything you would like us to clarify please contact us and we will assist you as best we can.

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