Robinson spelas in i Haparanda skärgård med Cape East som bas för produktionen​

Robinson (Survivor) is filmed in the Haparanda archipelago with Cape East as the base for production

It is with incredible pride to present the news that Survivor will be filmed in the Haparanda archipelago, with Cape East as the base for production, this summer. This means a great deal to Haparanda, to the whole region and for us. It is an incredible chance for the region and us at Cape East and Pite Havsbad Group to show off our fantastic part of the country, with the unique nature we have, not least the midnight sun and a fantastic archipelago.

We get to show off the finest there is, and we got the production in fierce competition with many other places in Sweden.

Just think what a showcase we get, a program that has over a million viewers each episode and 50 episodes, I get goosebumps when I think about it. I also think that this is just the beginning, Survivor is recorded in 33 countries in the world and other countries might open their eyes to the area.

Cape East will be the base for television production. This means that the facility will be open for tourism until July 20, then dedicated to production for Survivor until September 6.

I want to highlight the teamwork as a winner in a tough domestic competitive situation. In the short term alone, this will lead to over 100 jobs. It is like a gift from above for Norrbotten in corona times.

We have in a short time made a fantastic mobilization with the fantastic power that the county possesses. Entrepreneurs, employees, municipal representatives, the region and authorities have all been helpful. Thank you for an incredibly good collaboration – Haparanda Municipality, Region Norrbotten, the County Administrative Board, Mastiff, TV4 and many, many more in the region who helped to make this possible.

Owner of Cape East and Pite Havsbad Group

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Thanks for an incredible teamwork!

It warms my heart and it is an incredible pride to receive reviews as “delivers in world-class” from site manager Joa Larback for Mastiff, which

Vi skänker 100 kr per rum till de drabbade av kriget i Ukraina

För alla som nu bokar och bor på Cape East under april månad så efterskänker vi 100 kr per rum till Rädda Barnens viktiga arbete.

Krisen i Ukraina blir allt värre och det är den snabbast växande flyktingkrisen i Europa sedan andra världskriget. Just nu är det över 4,3 miljoner människor på flykt från kriget och vi ser det som en självklarhet att hjälpa till där vi kan i rådande läge. Rädda Barnen jobbar med att hjälpa människor både på plats i Ukraina och för att ge ett tryggt mottagande i de länder dit barn och familjer tvingas fly.