“Haparanda has delivered world class”

The filming of Survivor ended last week and on September 11, we will open Cape East to the public again. It has been an exciting journey and we are incredibly proud that Haparanda was chosen as filming location, with Cape East as the base for the productions.

In Haparandabladet you can read an article with Joa Larback, site and safety manager for the production, and who is also behind the choice of filming location. He gives Haparanda top rating and tells how the idea of ​​choosing the country’s northernmost archipelago as a filming location for Survivor came to life. How it all started as a crazy idea and which could then be realized thanks to good teamwork from the municipality, Cape East, the region, the population, and more. The article mentions that the recordings have exceeded expectations and that both the production and the participants are pleased to have experienced the unique environment we have here in Haparanda, despite a tough start.

– It was a tough start for the participants, as it rained and blew a lot. But they have experienced everything from shorts weather with 30 degrees hot to frost, from calm winds to the fact that it has blown 21 seconds meters, he says and adds that Norrbotten has been able to offer much they are not used to, among other midnight sun and environmental changes with the change of seasons.

Read Haparandabladet’s article (Swedish) – Haparanda har levererat i världsklass


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Thanks for an incredible teamwork!

It warms my heart and it is an incredible pride to receive reviews as “delivers in world-class” from site manager Joa Larback for Mastiff, which

Vi skänker 100 kr per rum till de drabbade av kriget i Ukraina

För alla som nu bokar och bor på Cape East under april månad så efterskänker vi 100 kr per rum till Rädda Barnens viktiga arbete.

Krisen i Ukraina blir allt värre och det är den snabbast växande flyktingkrisen i Europa sedan andra världskriget. Just nu är det över 4,3 miljoner människor på flykt från kriget och vi ser det som en självklarhet att hjälpa till där vi kan i rådande läge. Rädda Barnen jobbar med att hjälpa människor både på plats i Ukraina och för att ge ett tryggt mottagande i de länder dit barn och familjer tvingas fly.