Our borderless twincity HaparandaTornio offers a unique and exciting experience. If you have an active lifestyle or are just looking for some new and unusual activities to explore then you will definately find it here.


The Victoriasquare is located in the middle of the border between Sweden and Finland. It is designed by children from HaparandaTornio. It is named after our crown princess Victoria Bernadotte and it is known for the artwork called “Framtidsbågen”. The border is marked by a 130 metres long canal and in the middle you will find the artwork named “Svanen”.


Located 18km north of Cape East. During summertime you can try fishing for whitefish using a landing net made from pata racks. On site you will find a fishingmuseum that is part of a cultural environment where you can visit mills from the 1800’s as well as a sawmill, smithy, fishing huts and much more. 

Archipelago National Park

The sea areas and national parks of the Bothnia Bay are among HaparandaTornio’s foremost natural treasures. The Haparanda Archipelago National Park covers an area of 6000 hectares of which 700 are land. There are over 600 islands and the largest is Sandskär and Seskarö-Furö. Here you can witness two types of seal as well as dozens of bird species.


Seskarö is an island 20 square-kilometres in size and is located 27km south of Cape East. Here you will find approximately 500 residents. The island is known for its beautiful beaches with great swimming possibilities but here you will also find a church, camping restaurant and a kiosk. Seskarö is also accessible by car thanks to the connecting bridge that has been built.

Golf in two countries

The unique Golf course is situated on the border of Finland and Sweden. The possibility to the longest Hole in One in the world is on the 6th hole. The ball is in the air for approximately 1 hour and 5 seconds, this is possible due to the time difference between the countries. You can play around the clock in the summer when we have the midnight sun. For beginners, there are good training possibilities on the PAR-3 course.


There are many ways to travel to Cape East. 


Kemi/Tornio – 27 km away
Rovaniemi – 134 km away
Luleå Airport – 137 km away
Oulu/Uleåborg – 148 km away

Trains to/from Haparanda

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Vi skänker 100 kr per rum till de drabbade av kriget i Ukraina

För alla som nu bokar och bor på Cape East under april månad så efterskänker vi 100 kr per rum till Rädda Barnens viktiga arbete.

Krisen i Ukraina blir allt värre och det är den snabbast växande flyktingkrisen i Europa sedan andra världskriget. Just nu är det över 4,3 miljoner människor på flykt från kriget och vi ser det som en självklarhet att hjälpa till där vi kan i rådande läge. Rädda Barnen jobbar med att hjälpa människor både på plats i Ukraina och för att ge ett tryggt mottagande i de länder dit barn och familjer tvingas fly.