Ehdot ja säännöt
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Ehdot ja säännöt

Corporate identity number: 559109-6176 | Contact information: +46 (0)922 800 790

The payment is made via DIBS (Danish Internet Payment System).
If payment is not made, the booking will be cancelled automatically.

Once the payment is completed and approved, the reservation is guaranteed. You will then receive a confirmation of the reservation by e-mail and a confirmation page shown in your browser.

The minimum age for accommodation reservations is 18 years of age. For guests under the age of 18, a parent or other adult must accompany this guest, the parent or adult is also responsible for this guest. Check-in from 15.00pm and Check-out from 11.00am. The rooms are reserved for your arrival until 18.00pm unless you have informed our front-desk of late arrival. 

Changes & Cancellation


The hotel is obliged to offer rooms to the guest until 18:00 on the day of arrival. If the guest has not canceled or checked-in before this time, the hotel can cancel the room without contacting the guest.


The reservation is guaranteed via a business agreement, travel agency or by credit card. Cancellation of guaranteed reservation must be made no later than the day before arrival. If the guest does not check-in, or if the guest cancels on the day of arrival, you must pay for a hotel night.


For reservations made by business customers with an agreement, the order / cancellation rules stated in the contract apply.

The minimum age for accommodation reservations is 18 years of age. For guests under the age of 18, a parent or other adult must accompany this guest.


Withdrawal of bonus points requires membership in Pite Havsbad Group and that there are sufficient valid bonus points in the membership account to cover the cost of the points for the entire stay. For cancellations within the regular cancellation period, the bonus points used can be returned, provided that the bonus points have not expired.

Prices & Payment

All prices are stated in Swedish kronor incl. VAT unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to apply price changes due to circumstances that we do not control, e.g. changed VAT, major changes of the currency value or low availability of rooms as a result of high demand.

Damage responsibility

Cape Eastin omaisuuden tahallinen vahingoittaminen ei ole sallittua. Vahingontekijä on korvausvelvollinen. Korvaussumma määräytyy korjauskustannuksista ja mahdollisten korjausaikana menetettyjen tulojen suuruudesta.


Cape Eastin vieras on itse velvollinen kertomaan mahdollisista allergioistaan hotellin henkilökunnalle. Jos asianmukaista tietoa ei ole annettu, ei Cape Eastia voida pitää vastuussa mahdollisista allergiakohtauksista.

Muutokset verkkosivustollamme ja käyttöehdot

Parantaakseen tämän sivuston käyttöä Cape East voi tehdä muutoksia. Cape East pidättää oikeuden tehdä ilman ennakkoilmoitusta parannuksia, muutoksia, lisäyksiä tai poistoja tällä verkkosivustolla olevista tiedoista, joita Cape East pitää tarpeellisina. Lisäksi Cape East pidättää oikeuden tehdä muutoksia näihin ehtoihin. Jatkamalla sivuston käyttöä muutosten julkaisemisen jälkeen hyväksyt muutokset.

Copyright / Immaterial rights

The website content is in all respects protected by copyright, trademark law and other intellectual property regulations. Users are not at any time given the right to use the website content in any other way than in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Unless otherwise stated, reproduction, publication, processing, transmission, storage or other use of the content of the Cape East website requires prior written approval. Exceptions are made for temporary storage on a computer or printing for individual personal use according to the Copyright Act (1960: 729).

Also, the use of trademarks and logos appearing on the Website is subject to Cape East’s or, where applicable, other concerned rights owner’s prior written consent.


Kaikki vieraamme käyttävät kylpylää omalla vastuullaan. Cape East SPA sisältää paljon kovia pintoja ja portaita. Kun varaat SPA-käynnin, saat pääsyn Midnight Ice -kylpylätiloihimme ja kaikkiin SPA-palveluihin ja kokemuksiin tällä alueella. Huomio! SPA-hoitomme suorittaa ulkopuolinen kumppani nimeltä SF Cliniken eikä Cape Eastin henkilökunta.

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