More countries are choosing Cape East as their Survivor base

Fler länder väljer Cape East som Robinson-bas

More countries are choosing Cape East as their Survivor base

Finland will also record Survivor in the Haparanda archipelago with Cape East as base for production.

– It feels fantastic that both Sweden and Finland have chosen Haparanda and Cape East as the base for production with spa hotels, restaurants, offices, carpentry, Tribal Council and competitions. We have over 200 people living and working at Cape East with production for both Sweden and Finland now. Many new jobs, and we get to show off our fantastic nature, which feels incredibly good, you get goosebumps, says Tobias Lindfors, owner of Cape East and Pite Havsbad Group.

Since June, the work has been in full swing with building the Tribal Council at Cape East, competitions and preparing for the recordings.

– We are very happy and pleased to record Survivor Finland in Haparanda with Cape East as base, says Mirtta Salonen, producer Banijay Finland.

Survivor Finland consists of Finnish celebrities and the recordings start on Thursday and will be broadcast on Finnish TV Nelonen in the spring of 2021. The host of Survivor Finland is Juuso Mäkilähde who has been the host of the program before.

– It feels natural and very good that Finland and Sweden are cooperating between the countries to produce Survivor, says Johanna Salmi, Hotel Manager at Cape East.

Swedish production has started its recordings this week and the facility will be dedicated to both Swedish and Finnish production until 6 September.

– I want to highlight an incredible teamwork, a fantastic mobilization. Entrepreneurs, employees, municipal representatives, the region, cooperation between the countries and authorities have all been helpful in enabling two countries to record Survivor. Thank you for an incredibly good collaboration – Haparanda Municipality, Region Norrbotten, County Administrative Board, Mastiff and Banijay, Swedish TV4 and Finnish TV Nelonen and many, many more in the region who helped to make it possible to record Survivor for both Sweden and Finland, says Tobias Lindfors.

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